Hey thoughtful!

     Can't be with a loved one or friend? Send them a thought,

     add a donation and brighten a day on the free giving app

     that's needed now, more than ever. 

A brilliant new way to think of others and support charities


Make someone's day

Compose a thought

Let someone know you’re thinking of them


Add a donation to your thought - to the recipent’s favourite charity, or yours


Happy, sad or just because, brighten someone’s day by letting them know you’re thinking of them


How does it work?

Send 'a thought' to someone. Maybe to mark a happy day, a sad day, an important day … or well, just because

Add a donation to that 'thought' (either to your favourite charity, or theirs). There are lots of brilliant UK charities to choose from, including the likes of Shelter, Make-A-Wish, Children with Cancer UK and Parkinson’s  

You can also donate directly to charities - and given the current global tragic events before us, we're donating all transaction fees to the charities on our app


Our Mission

To be the most thoughtful place on your mobile, where lives are brightened and charities benefit more

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