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We're crowdfunding!

As we enter a new decade, we’re uber excited to let you know that our crowdfund campaign is now live on leading funding platform, Crowdcube. It’s time for Thinking of You’s next stage of exciting growth and we’d really love you to come on the journey with us.

Our story so far

Launched in November 2018, Thinking of You is a new giving app that links thoughts to donations, creating a new way of selflessly thinking of others, whilst supporting charitable causes. It's been designed for the charity sector, to attract the critical, but harder to reach younger demographic. Longer term, a web format will also be launched, to complement the app.

Functionally, a user sends a one-way thought to family or friends, attaching an optional donation to their chosen charity, or the recipient’s, with the option of Gift Aid. Users can also set up one-off or regular donations, and will soon be able to complete fundraising campaigns, all from the app.

Every year, UK households donate a staggering £10bn to charities. And with an estimated 94% of UK adults owning a mobile phone (and 85% of 12-18 year olds having regular access), there is an opportunity to create a new form of social giving, and donation behaviour. We believe that charities are concerned that it's difficult to secure consistent giving from the younger generation and Thinking of You has been designed to allow people to find causes they love, donate a little, but more often and in the moment.

Thinking of You has ambitious plans to develop peer-to-peer fundraising, on-board the corporate sector and help volunteers find charitable projects that need support. With your help, the power and potential of those three words is enormous.

How you can help

Our community now has the chance to own a piece of Thinking of You by investing in us (from as little as £10!). We’d really appreciate just five minutes of your time to take a look at our video (below) and visit our summary fundraising information on Crowdcube, here.

Thanks for thinking with us!

*capital at risk*