• Thinking of You

Thoughts that count

The most thoughtful giving app around - and needed now, more than ever.

Send a message to someone, add a donation to their charity and brighten a day.

Hope you’re ok. Sorry to hear. Stay safe. Get well soon.

Want to tell a loved one or friend that you’re thinking of them, whilst supporting a charity close to their heart? Need to cheer up someone you can’t be with, but want to make it extra thoughtful? Well, now you can on Thinking of You, a mobile app that combines thoughts with donations, opening up a whole new way of thinking of others and giving at the same time.

It’s simple. All you do is:

1) Download the Thinking of You app from the Apple or Google Play Stores

2) Write a ‘thought’ to someone (from your mobile contacts list) – to support them in tough times, happy times, or frankly, just because …

3) Add a donation to that ‘thought’ - either to the recipient’s chosen charity listed on the app - or yours

4) Hit send!

You can also manage your charity giving by donating directly to charities.

There are lots of well-known charities to choose from on Thinking of You including:

NHS Hospital Services; Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, Homelessness charity; Shelter, Mental Health Awareness Charity and Cause; Rethink Mental Illness and Time to Change, Relieving Food Poverty Charity; FareShare and many more including Parkinson’s, Make-A-Wish, Children with Cancer UK, Stroke Association and Brain Tumour Research – and already, nearly 70 others! You can also use Thinking of You to donate directly to charities, making a one-off payment or recurring one.

The Thinking of You app is available free from the iOS and Google Play app stores. During the Coronavirus crisis Thinking of You will be donating its operating fee of 2.5% on any donation, back to the charity. The app is supported by The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), who validate every charity on the app and is also a member of The Institute of Fundraising.

Be thoughtful and brighten days.