• Thinking of You

Musicians in our midst

Hidden amongst the chairs and tables at Thinking of You HQ are a couple of people who have a bit of a (serious) hidden talent. Brothers Ben and Alex are more than just social media content creators...

Ben and Alex play in a band. An up and coming indie trio called Brixton Alley, that sees them take their creativity from the UK’s most thoughtful giving app, to the stage – across the globe. Balancing a budding music career with the social media and content day job isn't easy, but here at Thinking of You, we think life is about more than just work and that dreams are made to be followed.

Here's what the boys have to say about it; "Everyone at Thinking of You is so supportive of us and really without that, we wouldn't be able to keep the band going - being a musician is quite a pricey past time! Johnny [ToY founder] is such a legend - he really understands that a bit of flexibility goes a long way. Maybe he thinks back to when he was first starting out and the people that supported him, but either way the fact that Johnny and everyone are so thoughtful, makes us feel lucky."

So whether you're running a marathon for charity, thinking about friends and family or letting two brothers have a bit of spare time from the day job to chase a dream, being thoughtful is at the heart of it. It doesn't have to be a big gesture but it really can make a big difference.

If you want to hear what Ben and Alex get up to in their spare time, then check out Brixton Alley on Spotify here. And remember, we hired them first. Right lads?