• Thinking of You

Crowdsourcing ‘thoughts’ for Cancer Survivors Day

This 2nd June is Cancer Survivors Day and Children with Cancer UK has teamed up with all-new mobile-giving experience ‘Thinking of You’ to take a truly unique approach to keeping families together through cancer.

Together, they are on a mission to crowdsource ‘thoughts’, to show solidarity and support for those who need both.  They are aiming to reach 372 thoughts, one for each child diagnosed with cancer, in the month running up to Cancer Survivors Day.

The approach is simple and built on the philosophy that everyone’s day can be brightened with a little thoughtfulness. People can send a thought to a friend using Thinking of You, with the opportunity to add a donation to that thought.  Thoughts are sent with the emphasis on ‘no need to reply’, meaning there’s less pressure for a recipient to respond, but just to feel the warmth of being ‘thought of’.

Children with Cancer UK are inviting supporters to think of someone whose day could be brightened a little, perhaps a friend or family member. Supporters might be thinking of them because it’s a big day, a sad day or just because they’re great.  Receiving a ‘thought’ is a simple way to brighten a day and support a good cause.

Emily Roff, Head of Fundraising, Children with Cancer UK said, “Thoughts matter and if you’re a family going through a tough time, knowing people are thinking of you means a lot. It was a natural fit to work with Thinking of You to crowdsource thoughts and to demonstrate if you’re affected by children with cancer, you’re not alone.”

Matt Jerwood, Operations Director, Thinking of You said, “It’s so exciting to see the fantastic cause of Children with Cancer UK being so creative in their first application of this new digital supporter engagement proposition. Thinking of You is an easy way for people to show others that they care, by simply saying that they are thinking of someone. Children with Cancer UK have decided to use thoughtfulness to drive engagement; it’s an ambitious and innovative approach that we hope drives interest and support ahead of Cancer Survivors Day and long after, too.”

To add a thought to the Children with Cancer UK totaliser: download the ‘Thinking of You’ app and send a thought (add an optional gift to Children with Cancer UK if you would like to)